Now it’s about what you keep.

You’ve worked very hard to accumulate the wealth that will help support the lifestyle you want during your next phase of life. Now you’re facing important decisions about how to spend from your portfolio and figuring out whether you should be holding taxable or tax-free accounts or a combination of both. All this can feel like a job in itself.

At this time, you are probably thinking about:

  • Is it time to retire, consult or start a new career?

  • Does my estate plan need reviewing?

  • Should we keep our disability policies, adjust them, or accommodate long-term care now?

  • Should we downsize our home?

  • What if I want to buy a bigger home to enjoy during retirement?

  • Is this the right time to buy a vacation house?

  • How will we take care of our parents?

  • Should we be helping our kids?


At Lexington Wealth Management, our clients often turn to us during life-changing events and we help them consider new options and provide them with the confidence to move forward. As you think about the right time for you to retire, move away from fulltime work or to consider a new career altogether, talk to us.

Do you hold taxable, tax-deferred (such as traditional 401(k) or IRA) accounts? Tax-free accounts (such as a Roth 401(k) or IRA)? Some of everything? We can help you minimize the total taxes paid over the course of time, sort out spending or withdrawal strategies, preserve and increase your wealth, and protect the longevity of your portfolio.

Our wealth advisors can work with your CPAs, estate attorneys and other professionals to create a long-term plan to leave a legacy for your family and support the charitable and educational causes that matter most to you.

Are you worried about the market? Particularly in this stage of life, the ride can feel rough. We’ll work with you to help mitigate trouble and smooth that ride out.



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