You’re working hard. Let us help you make sure you’re getting what you deserve.

Is it a certain way of life? Fulfillment of responsibilities? Freedom from worry? Security? Whatever you’re working towards, understanding what drives you is essential to mapping out your everyday financial decisions.

We don’t leave you with generic questionnaires that lead to generic investment plans. We sit with you from the get-go and serve as your partner in open conversations about what you want your money to do for you. With you, we work to:

  • Develop a flexible, sensible, achievable financial plan

  • Adjust your plan to be resilient in the face of whatever life throws your way

  • Be sure cash is on hand so you’re not forced to liquidate when the markets are unkind

  • Pay close attention to your short and long-term tax concerns

  • Set realistic retirement goals and plans

  • Provide objective and personalized cash-flow analysis


If you’re looking to buy a home, refinance a mortgage, or leverage your income and assets to acquire other types of property, Lexington Wealth Management can help you devise a strategy that is in sync with your life plan.

We have access to various credit providers that can help you originate or refinance debt at competitive rates.

If other things come up, we’ll run the numbers, evaluate them, and explain any tax consequences for anything you’re considering. If you’re selling a business, we can discuss the purpose or goal of potential new assets and bring in the right experts to assist. In all cases around money, we can introduce you to some of the best specialists.



To help ensure your needs are addressed, we team up with strategic partners who provide specialized services as needed. Private banking, art experts, home transition, and luxury vehicle financing are only some areas where we can help. It’s about what makes sense for you, and we will help make sure your needs are met seamlessly.

Leaving a Legacy that Matters

Whether you are looking to create a philanthropic giving plan or figure out how to structure the assets in your estate to protect your heirs from inheriting a giant tax burden, Lexington Wealth Management can help you figure out the next steps.

We have personalized services to help you create estate plans that will fulfill your most valued goals and empower future generations to achieve what matters most to you and them.

We start with a comprehensive review of all your documents and create a flow analysis to show your current situation and identify action items in many key areas. These solutions can include multigenerational wealth structuring, wealth transfer tax minimization, asset protection, fiduciary selection and charitable planning.


Make the Most of Liquidity Events

Selling part or all of the company you built is an emotional journey. At Lexington Wealth Management, we help business owners consider the financial ramifications and the “what’s next,” all as part of a sound financial plan—yours.

We help with business valuations and growth assessments, investment planning to account for concentrated risk of owning a business, retirement plans and exit strategies. Lexington Wealth Management also can connect owners with a selective consortium of investment banks that offer a broad range of capabilities, including mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and financial restructuring.

Let’s discuss the growth of your business and how it factors into your personal goals and timeline. Our wealth advisors focus on protecting your assets and planning a lasting legacy so you can focus on your entrepreneurial endeavors.


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