Your Encore

By Andrea Young on September 28, 2022

If your goal is to maximize family happiness, you will need to factor in an even more precious resource than money – time!  You may want to plan your time as thoughtfully as your finances. After a period of well deserved bliss, some retirees long for a fuller, more meaningful schedule.  

Understanding what is likely to drive your joy during your next act, “Your Encore”, is key. Luckily our own Glenn Frank has literally written the book on the topic. We can help you get your arms around “Choice Management” and your “Work Optional” accumulation amount. We have a shortcut to understanding your happiness- “The Joy Matrix”. It is all about Happiness per Dollar and Happiness per Hour! 

When and if the time is right, there are wonderful organizations for community, paid work, pro bono, volunteering, entrepreneurship, social ventures, and philanthropy. We pride ourselves in being the Heart and Head of Wealth Management! 

Upon request, we would be delighted to mail you a copy of the retirement planning guide: “Your Encore – How to Balance Time, Money and Joy”. 

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