Entrepreneurs are different.

We get this we’ve been there ourselves. Your brain is wired for seeming contradictions. You’re smart enough to do it all, and you need to trust and delegate. You have no time, and you somehow find more than 24 hours in a day. Your head’s in a million places at once, and you laser-in on the problems in front of you.

We have the deep experience and tools to see you through each of your challenges. Starting a new business? We have strategies for managing limited resources and planning with what you have right now. We can take the personal money decisions off your plate, allowing you to focus on your business so the money keeps coming in. We’re part of your team helping to secure your future.

Whether you’re taking risk off the table, or putting more on, or ready for the complicated transition of divesting we are there. The services we can help with include, but are not limited to:

  • Having the hard conversations that only fellow entrepreneurs can understand

  • Structuring a business plan

  • Building a trusted team of attorneys, accountants, etc., to set up a business correctly

  • Helping with business valuation and growth assessments

  • Investment planning to offset concentrated risk of owning a business

  • Assessing risk and reviewing insurance coverage

  • Creating a retirement plan or examining an existing plan

  • Developing an exit strategy

  • Crafting a personal plan for owners before, during and after a sale

  • Connecting with investment banks

  • Assisting with strategic tax planning

  • Aligning personal financial plans with business needs


Selling part or all of the company you built can be emotional; it’s not just money that’s invested. At Lexington Wealth Management, we help you consider the financial ramifications and the “what’s next” as part of a sound financial plan—yours.

Consider us your “personal CFO” and pursue whatever it is that’s fueling your drive to more success.

We’ll discuss the growth of your business and how it factors into your personal goals and timeline. Our wealth advisors will focus on protecting your assets and planning a lasting legacy so your entrepreneurial spirit can fly.



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