Investments are where we started, and we’re really good at them.

They’re still our core service, and many clients come to Lexington Wealth Management first for our investment experience. (They find out about the other great stuff later.)

We work to provide individuals, wealthy families, and small businesses with personalized investment consulting services.

We work with you to:

  • Invest your wealth to help achieve your goals and objectives

  • Help you grow and transfer your wealth to help preserve its full value

  • Leverage your wealth to expand your ability to achieve the things important to you

  • Organize and simplify your wealth so you can make better use of your time and worry less

  • Save taxes where and when we can

  • Provide specialized advisory services to help optimize your wealth in all its dimensions

  • Bring you new ideas and opportunities as they arise

  • Have educating and sometimes challenging conversations with family members about money


To build the right portfolio for you, we start with a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, goals and individual objectives. What do you want and need for yourself, for your family, for charity?

Then rest assured, we strive to meet all your objectives. We access a wide array of research, and because we are fee-only— the most ethical standard in our industry—we can be objective on your behalf.

We’re continuously investigating new ways to help enhance and protect your wealth. Your portfolio will be flexible, responsive, and true to your goals.

Our 360º view helps manage the vicissitudes of investing, helping you face difficult decisions with confidence. We connect the head and heart of wealth management.



Our internal investment committee is made up of talented professionals with decades of industry experience and designations that include CFA®, CPA, MBA, MST, CIMA®, CFP and more. They are also advisors on the front lines with clients that understand real-life situations. Our team partners with external research firms and comes together monthly to discuss capital markets, forecasts and our client’s best interests. We do this with access to a vast universe of independent research firms through our affiliation with Hightower. Together we can bring global access to the investment solution custom to meet your needs.

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