Be the boss of your money.

Knowledge is power. Whether you control the family finances, you’re just getting involved, you have lots of experience, or you’re used to someone else taking care of household money, we are here to support you in a way that is comfortable for you.

Feelings about wealth drive many of the choices you make. You’re often forced to make some of your most difficult financial decisions during periods of great stress. Lexington Wealth Management has worked with nationally recognized specialists who train and coach us to help you through the emotional aspects of financial decision-making. We also offer seminars and discussion groups with others in similar circumstances.

Money has long been a subject whispered about in secret, with great discomfort. We believe in breaking this taboo. There is no such thing as a stupid question. So, ask away, jump in and master it—or leave it to us. It’s up to you. Either way, we talk to women investors clearly, openly, and respectfully.

We can help develop a plan for safeguarding your family’s future. This may include:

  • Providing guidance on insurance and asset protection

  • Helping analyze eldercare options and needs over time

  • Evaluating employment opportunities and value negotiations

  • Developing an approach for college savings

  • Creating investment plans that support your values


Inheriting money? Getting divorced? Caring for a relative? Events beyond your control often have financial impact. Don’t let feelings get in the way of finances…or vice versa. Let’s talk it out and find solutions that work for you.

Lexington Wealth Management created our Empower Women initiative specifically to engage women in conversations about navigating financial and other decisions, especially while they are at major crossroads.

Episodes of the Empower Women Pod tackle challenges like raising teens, the college admissions process, navigating divorce, investing with purpose, and caring for aging parents. At Lexington Wealth Management, our multigenerational wealth advisors have first-hand experience handling these and other challenges many women face. Let them help you chart a personalized path towards financial independence.



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