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Protecting and nurturing family wealth through generations — it sounds like a straightforward goal. But that doesn’t make it easy. Research shows a vast majority of family wealth disappears within three generations. Lexington Wealth Management helps wealthy families assess their needs, address complex situations and protect resources so wealth can be passed on to younger generations. Our deep experience in wealth management, combined with that of our family office, helps ensure solutions that will work for your family’s growing constellation of issues.

For the ultra-high-net-worth client, we will design, integrate and manage planning for the full scope of the family’s financial issues. This may include:

  • Creating family mission statements

  • Assisting with family wealth education and governance

  • Providing generational and legacy planning

  • Integrating family philanthropy

  • Preparing statements of net worth

  • Summarizing cash flow, income and expenses

  • Paying bills and facilitating payroll

  • Providing ongoing administrative management of complex planning entities, such as GRATs, CRTs, FLPs, ILITs

  • Serving as trustee and offering trust accounting services through our custodian

  • Assisting with concierge services, such as the purchase a home or hiring household staff


Legacy planning begins with education. Bringing the younger generation up to speed on financial literacy, stewardship and the importance of integrating family values and wealth will provide a foundation to discuss more complicated financial and estate planning issues.

Holding family meetings and talking about values are two key components to creating wealth that lasts. Money has long been a topic whispered about in secret. Our financial advisors believe in breaking this taboo. For us, there are no stupid questions.

We’ll discuss wealth clearly and respectfully. Our fee only financial planners can help guide you through an estate planning process that protects assets and encourages a lasting legacy.

Fees for Family Office Services are separate from those associated with assets under management and are assessed based on the scope of work for individual clients.



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